Sunday, May 13, 2012

National unification in Kendeja

I went to the Kendeja beach yesterday courtesy of a national holiday on Monday called National Unification Day.   

The day was proclaimed by 'Ma Johnson' in 2010 to instill the values of 'one Liberia'. In a nation of 16 tribes, a recent history of tribal wars and deep rooted tribal identities, the Liberian people genuinely believe in the notion of 'one people, one country'. I find this incredible....more insight on this as I spend more time here.

In the meantime, a view of Kendeja (one of many beach resorts built by the entrepreneurial Lebanese community in Liberia). As one of the expat heavens (the list includes Mambo point Hotel, Robertsport), Kendeja reflects the parallel lives of the expat community and the locals ingrained within a aid-dominated economy (ODA and aid is largest contributor to the Liberian economy). Sustainable?

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  1. Sustainable, perhaps in the short-run. Ultimately the nation needs to strive towards self dependency.